Torn (Trylle, #2) - Amanda Hocking Okay, I will admit it. I was so blown away by book 1 “Switched” that just as soon as I finished it I rushed to read “Torn”. I read and read until my eyes were stinging. Hocking’s in my book has did it again.

Not only did Hockings’ include all the delicious and loveable character I grew to love but she managed to spice up the pot by adding Loki. I instantly went weak in the knees for this hottie and just wanted more of him.

Wendy does a lot of growing in this book. Therefore Hocking aptly titled the book “Torn” as Wendy’s hand is forced and she has no choice but to put her own feelings and desires aside for her people, well troll people that is.

Yes, at times the book does seem to drag… it’s at this point you must pay attention. Just like it processor “Torn” is a great addition to any Paranormal collection. Recommended for grade 6 and up.