Switched - Amanda Hocking Wow! First off let me begin with, this is not one of my typical reads. Now I can honestly say I will be reading more. It was so good; I literally could stop myself from reading. I devoured it in one setting.

I wasn’t expecting much based on the cover art. Nothing about the cover grabbed my attention and ushered me to read. In fact, had it not been for my book club I would have never gave it a chance, especially with my current obsession with book covers.

I have to say the plot was not as I was expecting. Hocking managed to take me by surprise with where Wendy and her family and love life is concerned. I was utterly surprised at how well rounded and written her character are. I couldn’t help but to feel for each and every one.
This is definitely a book to add to ones’ paranormal collection for grades 6 and up. Trust me you will not be disappointed.