Stealing Phoenix - Joss Stirling Following in the footsteps of its predecessor “Finding Sky” the cover to “Stealing Phoenix” is also elegant. I absolutely love it! We get an imaginative look at a phoenix. The trick is having read the first installment of this wonderful series do I know I will not be reading about a mythological bird..

Stirling must be her own genie in a bottle stealing her title straight from the pages of creative writing. Not only is Phee stealing to survive, but Yves is stealing for love. Joss Stirling managed to stun me as she continued to weave a plot with more mystery and utter heart breaking moment that seized my very breath.

Stirling didn’t slack on character development as she intertwine the plot and characters from book one and built a solid foundation for the series to thrive upon. “Stealing Phoenix” begins in England were Yeve’s is on a educational outing and takes you on a emotional journey full of up’s and down’s; twist and turns. You will be on the edge of your seat, with tear stained cheeks and hope in your heart unable to turn the pages fast enough.

This was another terrific read from Joss Stirling and she ends the story with a flourish of family love. I honestly can’t wait to read more about the Benedict Brothers in books to come!!