Crimson Midnight (Crimson, #1) - Amos Cassidy Part of 2013 Challenges: TBR Pile and Self Published; Blogged Feature

This dynamic duel writing team bound for success…The writing team of Amos and Cassidy has taken me by surprise. It is hard enough for one author weave a creative story and transcribe it to words that will grasp the reader imagination and not let go; much less add a second jolt of creativity to the mix. However these two pull it off. Their writing style is so in sink that it’s almost seamless as to who wrote what. Yet small changes in the flow and descriptiveness allows you to see the creativity that each one of these authors brings to the book making the it a remarkable story that will stay with you for weeks if not months after you have read the last word.

I was a little off put by the cover and almost backed out of reading it. Yes, yes I know how shallow that sounds. In spite of this I wonder if I will ever learn— ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover” because it’s the magical story beneath this cover set my imagination a blaze. The prologue immediately captured my attention and had me feverishly turning the pages clear into the wee early or late hours of the morning depending on if you are a night owl or not.

It wasn’t until I read the very last word I shook my kindle and demanded it produce more with no such luck. I was at a loss and found myself verbally saying, “wtf????” The prologue just didn’t fit the story so I went back to read the prologue again then I contacted the authors directly. I had my suspensions that the prologue would have made for a better epilogue and my assumptions were verified when the authors answered stating, “You will further understand the prologue when you read next book in the series.” With that being my only complaints tells you how much I enjoyed the book.

In a nut shell this is one book you will find you can’t put down. It has all the right elements just enough mystery, action, romance, drama, comedy, magic, betrayal, and wicked twists and turns to keep you completely engrossed to the very end. Rose and the other dynamic characters were depicted so vivid that you find you could befriend them if they were real.

Anyway on to the plot of the story… I have already mentioned Rose and as you can guess it’s all about Rose. Although we find out a lot about Rose’s self character such as; she grew up not knowing her mother because of the coma she is in. Then as a teenager she was brutally mugged and she withdrew until her father found her an outlet in self defense classes. Now a confident young woman with the ability defend herself she’s off to London to stay with Flo, her mom’s best friend and teach self defense classes at a new state of the art gym. As the reader you already know Rose is trusted into supernatural world but it the joys of watching that world unfold for Rose that will have your toes tingling. Not to mention all the surprise twist and turn as the reader you get hit with.

Hang on to skirt tales ladies and gentle men because this is where all the fun and excitement begins…. Dare I mention the wolf pack… Yes, I must … because surely they will keep you at your wits end. They are such a swoon worthy pack even in all their dysfunctions? Ahh, and Raven my favorite of the pack— strong, silent and such a presents. Did I mention that he is gay? I loved that the authors dared to make Raven gay. Only one other author that I can recall off hand (Patricia Briggs) has ever dared to write about a dominate gay werewolf in a mainstream fiction. However, I love the fact that this dynamic duel took it a step further and gave him a full life and not just the appearance of one.

With everything that is going on in this story my favorite sub story line is the interaction between Rose and Roman. From the moment they meet the attraction is evident. Though most of the time you want to strangle him and scream, “What the hell is wrong you?” You can’t help but to see it from his point of view. Yet as Rose and Roman’s friendship grows the lines become blurred and passion that these two share will only leave you just as frustrated as they are.

I can’t go on anymore I will just give away the ending but I must share a few more tide bits of helpful information…. Make sure you have nothing else planed because once you start reading you will not want to stop till the very end. So if you have to work the next day be prepare to buy extra coffee to make it through the day. Also if you get invested in character as much as I do… make sure your away from sleeping kids as you cheer on your favorites. Also, if you don’t own stock in Kleenex I suggest purchasing a share or two because you will need as the emotions journey through this book will leave you weathered in a tear soaked face.