The Danger from Within - Charity Parkerson
Okay time for honesty here… I chose to read Charity Parkerson’s Danger from Within not because the cover drew me in. It actually made me a bit hesitant but after reading Parkerson’s Society of Sinners and Wicked Sinners I could resist the temptation.

As with her other books Parkerson has a way of demanding all you attention and pull you into the world she has created. She has the ability of interlocking her characters in the stories that flows smoothly and doesn’t leave questioning how the characters are connected. She weaves her story in a way that she has a little something for everyone, action, romance, danger suspense and passion.

Her characters are fully developed and gave moments where I could feel their pain and the next double over in laughter. I would most defiantly recommend that anyone who enjoys an escape from reality with a hint of realism and a dose of vivid sexuality that doesn’t detour from the suspense and keeps you guessing until the end read this. Also if you have enjoyed her works by Parkerson, this is a must read as Parkerson continues to grow and nurture her writing talents.