Neophyte - Emmalee Aple I am such a sucker for angel stories. What makes this one so irresistible for me is the fact that it’s not filled with fallen angels. When I first started reading I was like a chicken with its head freshly cut off. I couldn’t get a handle on what was going on. But in the end Apple pulled the rabbit out of the hat.

I was a little off put the Links that insisted on keeping secrets from Addison. Oh, and how sweet is that her best friend is a guy. I was utterly and completely emotionally wrapped up in book.

As strange as it may be for some to comprehend I laughed, I cried, I sighed and I clung to the edge of my chair in anticipation. Apple is a talented new author and I most defiantly will be expecting more from her and I can’t wait for Addison’s story to continue.

If this book is on your to-read list, move it immediately to the top your reading list. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, my gosh what are you waiting for? You will not be disappointed.