Broken: A Paranormal Romance - David H. Burton
Should Katherine stand around waiting for death to come a calling or take a stand and do something about it? That is the question Burton asks and where our journey begins.

Well let me back up a bit. First Katherine who has been plagued by hallucinations her whole life runs out of her meds that keep the little green men at bay. Now that they are making a comeback she gets a cryptic letter from her mother informing her she is adopted. Now to make matters even worse Katherine has always known her mother never loved her. So the evil adopted mother informs her that the family is cursed and the oldest child will die sometime after they turn 24 birthday but before they turn 25 and she was adopted to fill deaths shoes. Heck even Cinderella evil step-mother wasn’t that cruel.

Now to move the story along Katherine soon learns that the little green men she has been keeping at bay are real and they have been there always, trying to protect her. But what is it exactly she needs protection from?

With her 24th only three days away Katherine needs answers and she needs them quick. With a pair of magical emerald earrings where one was gifted from her Auntie Marigold and the other one appearing at the bottom of plant next to the little green man, Katherine begins her discovery of who she is and what her future if any holds.

Burton weaves such a magical fantasy world filled with vivid description it becomes real. You soon find yourself emerged into an enchanting world where fairies and love triangles leaves you lost in the story days after you have finished. My one and only true complaint was the story ended much too soon for me.

Billed as a children’s book, it is one I am sure young adults and adults like me will enjoy on a leisurely warm day under the shade of tree seeking an escape from the everyday mundane life.