Ink - S.J. Davis
I find myself spent after reading this story. Not that it was overly emotional. It is the review that is getting to me. I enjoyed the fictitious tale of the “Blackfoot” people as my daughter through her father’s heritage has ties to the “Blackfoot” people.

I felt that the history and location was poorly researched. Not that I am an expert; far from it actually. However, I can recall with clarity the far away gleam in my exes’ eye when he often spoke of his people. What Davis describes seems an ocean away from any form of reality.

However, Davis does touch on survival guilt, a very real and emotionally damaging aspect of life for an adult, much less a child. My heart ached for Sparrow as she struggles through her overpowering guilt and finds love.

Davis packed so much into this short well written novella. It was almost poetic a times to read. I expect to see more of the story from Davis, as we are still left with lingering questions?