Shaken (Mind Reader, #1) - Susan Hatler
Having already read previous works by Hatler I couldn’t resist the opportunity to review “Shaken” the first installment of Hatler “Mind Reading Series”. The cover was just deliciously tempting; I love it when they play with the covers; add a little mystery revealed to the cover to see if anyone catches it. A pretty young female and a hot guy embraced closely with an infinity symbol below them. Besides Hatler’s ability to draw me completely into a story; the cover held all the elements to draw me in— teasing my own mind with the possibilities that the story held.

I was “Shaken” with this story to say the least and not in a bad way. Hatler didn’t disappoint as she seemingly effortlessly moved the story along all while plummeting me deep and deeper into the life of Kylie in a swirl of emotions.

Hatler, well know for humorous Romance writing doesn’t skip a beat. Her ability to capture the teen angst took me by no surprise. However I did get more than I expected and was charged with excitement from the start. Hatler didn’t lose her whimsical way with words one bit no matter which character she was working with.

“Shaken” takes you on a page turning journey as Kylie discovers who and what she is. “Shaken” is packed with just the right amount of mystery and suspense, a back stabbing best friend and firsts to keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end and leave you begging for more.
Adults will love the humor, teens will relate; my suggestion download your copy today. You will not be disappointed!