From Fame to Shame - Veronica Blade
What can I say; I fell in love with Veronica Blade writing after reading “A Bite’s Tale” and “Blind Date, Checkmate”. Blade has the ability to put her imagination to paper in a way that completely draws the reader in and “From Fame to Shame” is no different.

“From Fame to Shame” happens to be Veronica Blade’s first attempt at writing at weaving a story together. It comes even before her other successful books such as the before mentions titles and her first published full length novel “Something Witchy This Way Comes”.

As for being her first attempt it doesn’t show. She manages to take hold of the characters and develop them the Veronica way. The way she writes her characters effortless and breathes life into them; you can’t help but feel the instant connection.

Blade’s writing never ceases to amaze me. My next vacation spot… A trip inside Veronica imagination. What it must be like to have such a creative imagination she can seemingly effortless write such a captivating story that will always leave you want more from her.

If you haven’t already downloaded your copy of “From Fame to Shame” what are you waiting for. I promise you will not be disappointed.