Claimed - K.R. Smith
I have not yet read the series so I cannot comment whether this is a prequel or a short with-in the series. I can tell you the story begins in August 1999 while Jessica is returning for a camping trip from hell with her soon to be ex-boyfriend Steve and his friends Brian and Abi. Where in diabetic distress Jessica Tandy meet Flint Riverclaw and he tends to immediate needs of her health.

The cover art was just horrible. I only downloaded “Claimed” for free on by kindle because of the Good Reads Synopsis: Jessica Tandy is coming back from a camping trip in Alaska, when she meets the tall, dark and handsome Flint Riverclaw. They chat in a bar during a rest stop, which eventuates into a one-night-stand, and ultimately changes the rest of her life. Why do Flint’s brown eyes occasionally glow turquoise, or he growls so much? Imaginations run wild, in this supernatural, romance novella,

“Claimed” is a small nugget of a novella written by K.R. Smith to bring readers into her “Circulate Series”. Now does it work? For this reader would have to o’l fat “YES”!