Straight to Hell - Michelle Scott
“Straight to Hell” has one of the covers once upon a time I would shy away from. Not anymore and just like first gem Michelle Scott does not disappoint. Not only does the storyline follow its title when Lilith has the added bad luck to be hit by a car and is sent straight to hell, her last name is Straight. It is a laugh out loud pun when you make the connection.

Lilith Straight is a divorced mother of one who is struggling to just get by day to day. As if that is not enough, let’s make things even more complicated by taking in her ex-husbands niece (because he’s simply… an ass!) Oh, and to boot her unemployed half-sister living in the basement. Then after being hit by a car while snapping a pic of a dildo playing peek a boo to send to her sis Lilith learns her family secret she a succubus. As Lilith begins her new life as a succubus she has to struggle to maintain some kind of semblance to normal life and more often than not she does one hell of job. The stories is so well written that among all the witty and laugh out loud humor the reader can almost miss the subtle battle that rages with in Lilith as she must choose good v/s evil and ultimately Heaven v/s Hell.