Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2) - Suzanne Collins
The Star Crossed Lovers from District twelve (12) have come home but are they safe?

As a Victor of the hunger game you are given considering the trying time a few great perks. A home in Victors Village, for you and your family to live in as long as you live complete with a telephone. Enough money that you, your family and friends will never need for anything, so long as you live that is. And the best part… You never have to compete in the hunger game ever again. NEVER!

However, the seventy-fifth (75th) Hunger Game is getting underway. And this one is special; it’s a quarter quell. Once every twenty-five (25) years the citizens of the Districts are reminded why they should NOT rebel against the Capitol.

In the twenty-fifth (25th) hunger games in its first ever quarter quell demanded each of the districts to pick among their children the male and female tribute they send into the game and for twenty-three of them their deaths. Who did they choose; the strongest, maybe the weakest or possibly the outcasts? You will have to read to see if all is revealed….Sorry!

Searing forward twenty-five (25) years to the fifth (50th) hunger games the second quarter quell demanded to demonstrate to the districts the loss of life each of the Districts would endure if the Districts rebelled against the Capitol by sending not one male and female from each District as tribute but two. This was by far the worst not twenty-three (23) lost lives but forty-seven children’s lives were lost and Haynich from District twelve (12) was its only survivor.

What does this mean for the seventy-fifth (75th) Hunger games? What will the quarter quell demand of the citizens of Districts one (1) through twelve (12)? What cruel demands can the Capitol place on the heads of the Districts children’s to remind them who is in charge? That to even consider rebellion what your death would be like??

To even go into any details about the plot of the seventy-fifth quarter quell hunger games would give away the whole book. Let’s just say that catching fire is a justifiable title for this book because the flicker of hope that was ignited in book one of the hunger games series is setting everyone on fire in book two.

When hope is all you have can you truly afford to lose it? When you have so much hope can you ever walk away? Ask yourself this; what would you do to change things?