My Enchanted Life - Laura Eno On the hunt for a book that my daughter and I could consume in one day we ran across My Enchanted Life. Yeah! I had been chosen to review the book as part of Read to Review. I was so excited. Thank you Laura Eno and R2R for providing me a copy! So I down loaded and Macy and I immediately jumped in. Laura Eno did something no other author has managed to do in long while. As I read alongside my daughter this enchanting tale of young Emma, I was reminded of my own childhood and fairy tale adventures.

The tale is simple but elegantly written. A perfect way to spend a beautiful afternoon perched under the canopy of a shade tree, with your daughter and book. Together, Macy and I ventured with young Emma across the pond to England and through a magical vale that took us mythological delight.

Emma raised loving by her Aunt and Uncle after her mother dies, turn eighteen and is delivered a mysterious letter that informs her father’s brother has passed and he has left the homestead to her. The next morning another mysterious package is delivered with everything she needs to travel to her newly acquired home. With passport and funny money in hand Emma board a plane looking for a summer adventure to share with her friends and what she finds is more that she could bargained for.

Adults will have issues with how fast Emma accepts things but the child will squeal with delight just as my daughter did. I loved it; although it was a little short, it was not left wanting. It had all the right ingredients to keep me intrigued until the very end. If you are looking for something to pass the time between books defiantly give this a read, I can almost guarantee you will wear a smile on your face. It would make a great gift for children grades four (4) and up.