The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern
Erin Morgenstern debut novel Night Circus has definitely lived up to the hype. It is an astonishing tale of woe that left me dazzled and increasingly intrigued with the turn of every page. The way the author draws the reader into the story by subtlety suggesting that you are indeed one of the bystanders awaiting the circus to open.

The author dares to ask; what kind of circus opens at sundown and closes at sunrise? My first thought was a circus run by Vampires. However, after reading just a little further I too dared to ask the same surprising question. First, we have a circus showing up out of nowhere; open sundown to sunrise. Second, we have Hector and Celia performing magic with their minds. Third, enter Alexander another magic filled man who Celia tells… “My mother says I am the devil daughter.” Fourth, a wager is born between Alexander at Hector biding. Fifth, enter an unnamed boy who is to be a pawn against Celia. The plot was an outstanding mystery that kept guessing until the very end. How Bailey and Caroline fit into the story. Bailey’s grandmother sharing the story about how his parents ran off to get married young. How poppet and Widget round the plot out. The anomaly that no one ever becomes sick, no one is born and no one ever die’s. This little mystery is turned out to be a wonderful teaser that I utterly enjoyed, so simply written it is better than I thought it would be.

I honestly can’t compare Night Circus to any book I have read before. Though I find that the only thing I can compare it to is the movie Memento. Because it was in the end that everything came together. I was however, a little disappointed that the night Marco and Celia spent to gather wasn’t more sassy, to say the least. But then again it was a young adult book. It just gave off the feel that maybe when it was originally written that it might have been written spicy. Then in editing it was chopped down to young adult. But I did enjoy it. I was much better than I had given it credit for to begin with.

It was clear from the beginning I didn’t like Hector or Alexander. It seems they could be of the devils broad to wager with small children. To be honest I wanted to keep reading just to find out what everyone is and what the wager with the kids was all about. It feels like the author was more caught-up in keeping the reader focus on the mystery than the characters, so much that the mystery of the game takes on more of a character than the characters themselves. In the end I found I was drawn to Poppet, Widget and Bailey. Now don’t get me wrong I still had a feeling boiling under the surface that the mystery itself was the biggest character and that is truly what kept me interested.

It was one of the best books I have read in 2012. And I foresee myself taking time to revisit it again in the future. And I find myself hoping the chatter of movie rights will be confirmed sooner rather than later.