Lover Mine - J.R. Ward
John Matthew? ~~***sigh***~~


Need I really say much more?

I know I shouldn’t but it seems I am going to. You know… go their:-/
What am I rambling on about? I

t is the whole Darius/JM debacle. Oh, do not get me wrong I loved JM and Zhex’s story. Like all of Wards Brotherhood books, she has managed to capture her audience and suck them into the plot while it continues to grow. I was expecting the big reveal to the Brotherhood. No, only the readers are in on this reincarnation. What gets me is the fact that every time the past is front and center in JM face his own brain shuts down. Apparently… as much as I love the Brotherhood it seems that they are not very bright in the one plus one equals two department. But it seems I trust Ward. There must be a reason for the hold out. That said… the story is getting better and growing to no end. (Only I can hope!)

In a nut shell I loved, loved, loved the book! Again, Ward did not disappoint me in the least bit. I think she did an over the top job with a story so hard to write because you have both the hero and the heroine in such pain and dealing with their past that was horrific and a future which is filled with love and happiness. I believe Ward pulled it off. I have been emotionally "wrung out" by the continued story and yet I look forward to the next book in the series.