Suck It Up and Die - Brian Meehl As a lover of the written word and an overprotective much too involved mother not to mention a fan of the sups world, the title Suck it up and Die caught my attention when my 11 year old wanted something new to read. We just couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into this one (pun poorly intended). We enjoyed the first installment last year when we happened across it at our local library.

I try not to judge books by their covers (my daughter however, does), and you have to admit you can’t help but to smile when you think back to the first cover with the smiley face sucking a straw and the fact that Meehl stayed with the theme by inverting it. Why change something that works. I (and my daughter) salute you on the cover Meehl, it’s fantastic!

Once Net Galley approved me for the ARC, the fight ensued between my daughter and me as too who would have the book first on their kindle. Ha! I won, due to the fact I review books for submission to other web-sites; NetGalley and thanks for that HC, (I owe you another!) and my blog of course. In spite of this, I was also reviewing twelve other books at the time, so she took the opportunity to swipe the book from me. Then while she was at school I swooped in and took back the book. Then while I would be cooking she would dive like a vulture and snake it back. This went on until we finished the book.

As the fight for control raged throughout the read, it was obvious we had different options regarding Morning Story. Now, don’t get me wrong, we both enjoyed Morning continuing tale. My daughter was expecting Meehl’s comic relief style from Suck it Up, however I was elated that Meehl not only grew the story line he matured the characters.

Suck It Up and Die will have you on the edge of your seat wondering what happens next. The plot twists are unexpected. Yes, there were some flaws but none to get worked over about. Meehl more than makes up for his error with his beautiful and creative descriptive writing. Whether or not you read Suck it up, you have to read Suck it up and Die. It’s a rich treat.