Beyond (Afterlife,#1) - Willow Rose I was fortunate enough to make the cut for reviewing this book for R2R on GoodReads. I would like to thank the Author T.P. Boje for providing free copies of her book to the Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Fanatics Book Club and in no way, does this affects my review…

Where to start????
Okay first, let me apologize. I had some issues with my kindle convert; that thanks to a goodreads friend, I found that I could convert my PDF. And gosh, was I glad; PDF on a kindle is not your friend. So, that is why it has taken me so long to read this exciting new first installment from T.P. Boje.

The cover… You would think that was what drew me to the book. Well surprise, surprise, surprise not this time. It was an online advertisement I saw over summer 2011. So it has been a long time coming… Don’t get me wrong the cover is amazing. It's just intriguing enough to bring the readers in.

The Story… Wow, I had the shock of my life…! The book just didn’t stand up to the hype. I was expecting a cross combination of House of Night meets Vampire Academy with a spiritual twist of souls. What I got was a shock I wasn’t planning on. After spending weeks working out the kinks to see the words, I was disappointed to the point I just wasn’t able to finish the book.

Don’t get me wrong! It has a strong beginning I loved the concept of Meghan starting her afterlife off in a flying boat to the academy. I somewhat enjoyed the characters coming into their own; only I couldn’t relate. Something was just off; the dialog maybe. However, it will not stop me from trying to make a go at it later. Maybe as a group read with a circle of pre-teens.

What to Rate…? I gave the book an average of Three (3) stars….
There is some math involved in this rating this book. I personally gave this book one (1) star. I know it doesn’t seem fair to the author. After all she spent so much time creating this world for Young Adults. The problem was the characters seemed too childish to be sixteen (16) to me. That said; I know it takes guts for an author to put their self out there for everyone to criticize. For that alone I give her five (5) stars.

Now, here is where I come to a cross roads. The book seemed perfect for my eleven year old daughter. So, I gave up the copy to her. Wow, was I impressed. My daughter who is normally a slow reader (taking one (1) to two (2) weeks to finish a book) finished reading it in two (2) short days. She loved it and gave it four (4) Stars. So, with my ratings of one (1) and five (5); and my daughters rating of four (4) that gives me an average of three point thirty-three (3.33).

Don’t let my review discourage your reading… If you are looking for an interesting book for girl age 10- 15 look no further. According to my daughter it is a perfect book for girls! So check it out! And don’t forget to share thoughts.