Radiant Darkness - Emily Whitman I am such a sucker for mythology, and the so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to review this novel with my reading group. Having already known the story of Persephone I was intrigued to see the twists Emily Whitman would add to the tale. In Radiant Darkness Whitman contradicts the myth of Persephone by allowing her to choose of her own free will her fate with Hades.

We only think you know true story. Poor, sweet and innocent Persephone snatched away from her beloved mother Demeter, by Hades. Forcibly raped and imprisoned in the Underworld as his queen. Demeter; grief stricken wreaks havoc on the earth until Persephone is allowed to come back for a few months out of every year. Could that be right?

What if that was not what happened? What if Persephone met and fell in love with Hades? What if she left of her own free will? How would the story go then? Emily Whitman answers these with a twist that makes one look at Hades in a new light.

“PERSEPHONE. Daughter of DEMETER, the harvest goddess. Kidnapped and forced to—” Wrong! In every book of myths, the same; in every book, wrong! Oh, I know it all got complicated because of the choices I made. I’m not trying to pretend I’m blameless. Still, after thousands of years, I wish people knew what really happened when I walked in my mother’s flowering vale and the black horses landed, crushing flowers and filling the air with heady perfume. Just once I’d like to set the record straight.” Whitman, Emily. Radiant Darkness (Kindle Locations 96-100). HarperCollins.

I expected more from the story of Persephone. If you are a fan of Greek mythology like I, then you should give this book a read. However, rated grades 9 and up; you have to be willing to overlook the poor childish writing.