Adventures in Funeral Crashing (Funeral Crashing #1) - Milda Harris I was fortunate enough to make the cut for reviewing this book for R2R and in no way does this affects my review…

Adventures in Funeral Crashing… Mother verses Daughter, the skirmish for control of the book pursues… need I say much more.

It has certainly been a challenge keeping this book in my possession, as my 11- year old daughter Macy would snatch it away every time I turned my back.

We both were drawn to the book; by what you might ask. Why the cover art of course. No it not some out of this world work of art but, a basic child like sketch of a girl in a skirt wearing tennis shoes. Macy thought it was just cute and it reminded me of a girl stuck in the awkward stage of not a child and not a young woman who has discovered… lawd help us… b.o.y.s.

Not having first read a description of the book the title alone lead me to think it was a paranormal zombie story or a twisted retelling of The Dead Zone… Macy on the other hand thought it was going it was going book version to television’s The Ghost Whisper or Medium. As our guess would have it, we were wrong.

It was defiantly not a paranormal read yet it held not only my attention but that of Macy as well. It was packed full of creepy energetic mystery that was just so downright eatable. Which is why I found myself battling with 11-year old for the right to read.

Milda Harris did an excellent job at bring the teenage character to life. Kids today are just too jaded and are missing out just being kids and experiencing just what that means. Yes, some Macy included may think the kids are immature at time but in my humble opinion… kids need more time being kids and MH delivers that option in Adventures in Funeral Crashing.

Both Macy and I cannot wait to see if the story continues and we expect more from this talented author.