Forbidden (The Guardian Chronicles, #1) - Megan Curd
I was fortunate enough to make the cut for reviewing this book for R2R after the author Megan Curd offered up a copy to all of us who complained about not being fast enough to make the cut. Oh, by the way in no way does this affects my review…

Just like most who settled into reading Forbidden by Megan Curd; I thought it was going to be another twist to the fallen angel mythology that has so many (myself included) rushing to read. Gees’, was I surprised.

Well, let me be the one to tell you. This is not your typical tale of fallen angel boy meets human girl with all the harps and cords playing softly in the background while their love grows. No, not for Curd, no fallen here only the damned and the human girl and she doesn’t leap for joy for black winged boy. In fact, Hannah doesn’t know what she did wrong to land a demon and not a guardian angel.

Forbidden supernatural love… it’s the story line young adults, parents of teenagers are thriving upon now, and we can't get enough of our wolves, vampires and fallen angels. Well, Curd begs to ask and answer… What about the demons seeking redemption?

I was rejuvenated to come across this supernatural love story with demons and was elated when I discovered some were still in God's good grace.

Over all its a great read for the whole family, a refreshing twist to forbidden love, that not so forbidden and can save many. I can't wait for the story to continue…

Megan Curd delivered a gripping tail that had me hanging on the edge for dear life. I loved it! Filled with swoon worthy male cast, I will be expecting more from this author!!