Bridger (Bridger, #1) - Megan Curd I was fortunate enough to make the cut for reviewing this book for the Read 2 Review when the author offered up extra copies for all of those who whimpered about not being fast enough. Oh, and just for the record, this in no way it affects my review…

Let us chitchat for a brief minute shall we. Anyone who knows me will tell you that once upon time I never judged a book by its cover. Well just, like the season’s things change and now more than ever I am such a total cover whore. Which lends one to beg why did I choose Megan Curds, Bridger as R2r book of the month?

I am sure it was not for the cover art. Not that it was internally bad, but considering the story beneath the pages, I would have expected an out of this world cover. Not the bland photo of a bridge in the woods that Curd chose although; I do get the philosophy behind her choice.

Enough with the cover art let us move on to the story that lies beneath the cover. Megan Curd did an excellent job with Bridger. She managed to create a unique magical and intriguing world that held my attention.

Along with Megan Curd’s one of its kind imagination and with her unique and creative writing style it shines through out the story who her favorite Authors have been.

Though it is a quick read, it is not short on adventure. Curd did an excellent job and I wish she had spent more time developing the characters and growing the story. That would be the reason I was thrilled to learn that Bridger was a novella to wet our imagination taste buds and place us on the edge of sanity awaiting the release of her the next book in the series.

I for one look forward to Curd continuing the story and I also look to see what this hot new author has stored in the creative parts of her imagination.

If you have time to spare pick up a copy of Bridger, you will not be disappointed.