Dearly, Departed - Lia Habel I have heard lots of chatter about this book on different topics in the GoodRead world so; I was excited to find out that my book club was reading it. When all the chatter was originally flying, I had to take a peek. I didn’t get further than the cover. I was hooked I loved it. My mind drifted immediately Abby from the television show NCIS. It reminded me of the episode where she attended a New Orleans style funeral complete with bagpipes.

I had drawn my own conclusion and could be more glad to have been more wrong. This antique victorian mixed with a steam punk futuristic background was beyond awesome.

Lia Habel told Dearly, Departed in the first person POV. However, it is told from several different perspectives and told in alternating chapters. (Much like the way I write). But don’t get me wrong it was a great read. Most people do not like books written from sever POV. I for one as long as it is well written; do not mind.

My favorite character was Bram. He is literally to die for (sad pun intended, lol!) and you can't help but fall for him. This was my first full on zombie novel and I loved it and I am sure that you will as well. LH has got herself a winner in Dearly Departed and I challenge anyone seriously to read it and not love Bram as much as any other male hero!