Forever - Maggie Stiefvater Having fallen in love with the wolves of Mercy Falls I was sad to read that the series had come to end.

Packed with lots of drama that surrounded real life events— it was enough to keep not only myself at the edge of my seat throughout; but it kept my daughter in tears. Macy kept the Kleenex Corporation rolling in big bucks with this one through the very end.

One point Macy made at the end of the book I thought was a wonderful idea so if the author reads her reviews maybe Ms. Maggie Stiefvater will as well.

“Though she has told all she want to write in a book and the Wolves story as a whole has ended maybe she will treat us with special short stories of the whole gang in one of those book where they collect short stories about great books by different authors. Maybe she will write about Sam & Cole taking Grace & Isabel to the prom or their weeding. You never know, right mom?”

And the children shall lead them… I couldn’t have said more simple. I loved sharing this series with my daughter and I hope other mother’s enjoy it as well.