Creatura - Nely Cab I heard about this book through r2r. What interested me at first was the book cover. Yes, I am a cover snob. Most people would only see a leafless tree. I saw a barren tree that begged me to question, what does it represent? The loneliness of the sole tree gave me quite the stir of emotions as to what waited beneath the cover. In its pages, would I find someone isolated from the world? Or would I find someone who need to be isolated from the world. The only way for me to seek out my answers was emerge myself into the book and that is exactly what I did. Generally, I read books recommendations so I know what to expect, only this time I had no idea what I was in for and was I pleasantly surprised.

First, I wanted to note that I love Greek mythology and Nely Cab took me on a journey of Greek mythology with an interesting twist, I for one, never expected.

When seventeen year-old Isis is having trouble sleeping due to loss of her first love and the added effects of her terrifying dreams of a growling beast, her mother seeks the aid of her best friend’s father; a local psychologist. With the aid of a prescribed sleeping aide and the advice to face the fear haunting her dreams, Isis decides to confront the horrific growling beast that has caused unrest. Only Isis discovers the beast is no beast at all. Isis has managed to stumble into plane of existence no human can explore. When the man-like creature explains this to Isis, she counters in disbelief and challenges the man- like beast to prove himself real. A challenge, the man-like beast accepts with an eager willingness. When the man of Isis dreams emerges in the corporal flesh at her high school, this is where I found myself hooked.

David’s entrance into Isis life could not have been more comical for me. I was sad however, that this caused Isis a momentary break down. Yet, she recovers quickly and soon finds herself thrust into a mind-bending earth quaking, forbidden romance.

I had the opportunity to read this aloud to my eleven-year-old daughter who swooned at the prospect of one day finding the man of her dreams to sweep her off her feet the way David courted Isis. The love letters David presents to Isis are so moving it will melt every woman’s heart and have her asking her man… Why can’t you be more like David? (I was lucky enough to have received an email from Nely Cab herself warning me that a scene towards the end may not be appropriate for my daughter and I am thankful for that. I made a few verbal adjustments and continued the story with success.)

My only complaint is that all good stories must end, as did Creatura. I hope that Nely Cob will find more to Isis and David story tucked away in her creative mind. I would more than strongly recommend this book to anyone who simply loves to read. The plot is interesting and unique; one I find all will love.