Blood Warrior (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #1) - H.D. Gordon I shall not tell a lie… I choose Blood Warrior as my R2R read simply because it was a part of a series. I know, it’s not a valid reason; but what else can I say. It also helped that the grapevine information told a tale of vampire and werewolves would find their way into the mix. Again, I beg of you, what must I say… for the past year I have been obsessed and can’t get my fill. Well, there was also the cover. When you think vamps and were’s; the first thing to pop in your head is a sex god of a male, right? Don’t feel bad… My mind slip there with a sigh as well. Then I got a look at the cover. It blew my mind… not a male but a strong female who’s arms were covered in lovely ink. It took my mind straight to Jennifer Lynn Barnes Raised by Wolves; not that I am comparing the two books only the strong female leads. Enough about the cover… Dare I venture to the pages below and tell of the story beneath.

When I first pulled it up on my kindle… I will not lie after reading the first few pages I backed out of it. It just didn’t fit the cover or the grapevine. I thought I had the wrong book. I began reading about a poor abused child, I knew I couldn’t stomach it. So, I backed out of it and went on to read another book. Each time I picked up my kindle there it was, calling out for me to read. After two weeks I talked myself into it. Loaded with two boxes of Kleenex and the kids off to school I settled down to read.

Starting back at the beginning I braced myself for what was to come and soon found myself dazed and confused yet captivated in the same breath. Once I worked my way through the necessary secrecy/confusion for the development of the story, I was hooked, line and sinker.

HD Gordon did an excellent job with this debut book and even better by bringing in all my favorites under one roof. She managed to capture not only the paranormal twists I enjoy reading about but she did it a way that brought me back to my first love LJ Smith’s Night World Series. Unlike Smith (who had not originally planned such a weaving tale), Gordon laid the foundation to a series that will be just as phenomenal as Smith’s.

Gordon’s writing style plot and the characters flourished with ease. Blood Warrior to say simply left me begging for more. Fans of other paranormal (soon to be classics I am sure) reads such as Vampire Academy, House of Night or the Night World Series; hold on to your seats because you will love the ride.

I can’t wait till 2012 when the second installment is due out to see where Gordon’s creative imagination takes Alexa and her merry band of friend!