Beautiful Chaos (Caster Chronicles, #3) - Kami Garcia,  Margaret Stohl

2 Painful Stars!

The Caster Chronicles 1-3 Collection

Lissa’s Third Hardest Review Ever

I had stated in my review of book two Beautiful Darkness that I honestly could not wait to see where the authors are taking the story. Well, the authors took me on a long journey that lead to, what I am sure is another book. Just like with the first two in the series I had a hard time keeping myself focused on the book. As the other books book three never grabbed hold of me demanding that I keep reading. I think, mostly, because it reminded me so much of book one. Similar to my reviews of this series, the book three followed the same format as the book one. I almost expected Rid to destroy the dance, when she showed eyes blazing underneath her shades. The intense scene that should have glues me to the pages faltered because I already knew the flame would die out after a few sentences.

Beautiful Chaos was a better story than book one. I think it could have been better had the authors closed up all the details and let the story end. The authors will need a lifeline for book three unless they figure out draw the audience in. That said, I do want to know how the story ends and I think the author can accomplish that in a few more chapters. Which begs me to wonder how much useless information will be in book four. In addition, the authors were keeping with dates for chapters. However, with the book it clicked…The authors decide to date the chapter the way one would with a journal or diary. It took until the final chapter to tie that together as John Breeds birthday was December 22 and the chapter was titled 12*22. It took that long because either the authors were not clear, or I did not bother to make the connection. In closing, it was okay. However, instead of reading the series, I would suggest reading the reviews.