Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1) - Kami Garcia,  Margaret Stohl

3 Hard Stars

The Caster Chronicles 1-3 Collection (Caster Chronicles #1) BY Kami Garcia

Lissa’s First Hardest Review Ever

It took me three days to read.— (***I made that comment because I usually read one book a day however, depending on the length I can read up to three in a single day.***)

I had a hard time keeping myself focused on the book. It never grabbed hold of me and demanded that I keep reading. I think, mostly, this was because the pacing was off. Sure, there were intense moments and I was glued to the pages, but then things slowed down and came to a grinding halt. I also had a hard time seeing some of the characters. I think the author was a little vague on her descriptions at times and Ethan's voice was too feminine to me. It showed through that the authors were woman.

Beautiful Creatures was a good story. I think it could have been great if it had been shorter, (***and the authors had not rushed to publish; three short months***) which would have increased the tension and kept the readers (*especially me*) glued to the pages through the whole story. In addition, I didn’t get the way the chapters are numbered. The authors decide well, we wrote these chapters in September so instead of numbering them chronological I think I will use the date written. I don’t think I have ever seen that. (**in footnotes and early drafts, yes but it never made it publication to my knowledge**)

I did not think I was going to make it through the book. I could not find my hook in the storyline. I did however manage to drudge through it by creating my own hook…. Remembering what it was like when I had my first crush on a guy. (**However, it seems that Ethan and Lena fared better than I did.**) None of the characters captured me whole heartedly thus far. I am not even sure half the time if I have, their names correct without having to check back through the kindle. Nevertheless, if I had to pick one favorite character it would be the sister’s. I know they were just a filler part but they had me cracking up. I love it when old people are funny.

In addition, I had read another reviewer comment that she/he didn’t get the feeling of the true south. Unfortunately I did. I grew up in small-minded town that had its own reenactment with its own small-minded inaccurate history. And, yes we to had (**they still do**) the crazy woman who run around thinking they had a say in everything because their greats fought in the war on the wrong side, pro-slavery, I want to add— just so you understand how stupid these woman look to the new generations, who value people as people.

That being said, it’s a decent series thus far now that I have hook. I love paranormal love stories. (*This way I don’t have compare my love life to a fictional character. Yet, I find myself asking, “Where is my soul mate?” From time to time and would settle for some of the male leads. LOL!*) In addition, I found myself sadden that Macon died in the end. However, I was enlightened to learn the Beautiful Creatures title referred to humans and leads me to think book two’s Beautiful Darkness is referring to Dark Caster’s as Lena is both dark and light.