Dark Lover - J.R. Ward I found Dark Lover to be a thoroughly enjoyable book; well above fluff, but without the weighty darkness and over-the-top erotica. Ward doesn't fall into the cliché vampires are romantic creatures of the night; and she doesn't slip into needless descriptions of violence, yet she still manages to convey some truly, truly dark moments. Ward's characters are so vivid and interesting; from their names to their personalities. Larger than life, funny, strikingly handsome, strong, and deadly dangerous; the vampires of The Brotherhood have me so excited! Dark Lover is filled with all the elements of a great vampire romance novel. The only part I didn't really like were the scenes with the lessers. He was too sadistic for my taste and I would rather have been reading steamy sex scenes than fight scenes. I am crazy-mad in love with Dark Lover! The action is intense. The plot is well constructed, but it is the characters that drive this story home. They are well drawn and three-dimensional. Such extraordinary character development!!

The Black Dagger Brotherhood is an elite group of vampires working together to defend their dwindling race and rid the world of their enemy, The Lessers. Their leader, Wrath, the only purebred vampire in existence, has a personal vendetta against The Lessening Society. His sole focus for centuries has been the eradication of this deadly menace.

Because of the potency of Wrath's purebred blood, Darius, a member of The Brotherhood, asks Wrath to aid his daughter Beth through her transition. Transition occurs in vampires in their mid-twenties and blood from vampires of the opposite sex is needed to survive the change. Wrath's refusal to aide Beth is immediate and vehement because Darius' daughter is half-human and Wrath hates humans. However, when Darius is killed shortly after asking, Wrath is handed a letter from Darius by his doggen and wrath feels compelled to honor his Brother's last request.

Beth unaware of her vampire heritage works as a reporter, her days are long and her personal life is non-existent. When Wrath appears in her home, Beth is overwhelmed be her attraction for him. Wrath is stunned by his response as well. The romance between them is beyond hot. It is explosive and erotic. Wrath, as the leader of The Brotherhood, is the most handsome, strongest, and deadliest of them all. Nevertheless, Beth doesn't let that intimidate her. She is beautiful, strong, and smart and gives as good as she gets. They are perfect for each other. Steamy exciting sensual love scenes have me begging for more. I can't wait to read about Wrath will handle of Beth's "needing period"!