Vampires Rule (The Rule #1) - K.C. Blake
As a lover of the written word and an overprotective much too involved mother not to mention a fan of the sups world, the title Vampires Rule caught my attention when my 11 year old wanted to read it. We just couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into this one (pun poorly intended). I try not to judge books by their covers (my daughter however, does), but I did find the cross on the VR cover to be eye-catching and it left many question and I had to dive in too see where it would lead.

Once purchased, the fight ensued between my daughter and I as too who would have VR on their kindle first. Ha! I won, due to the fact I review books for a web-site; thanks for that HC, (I owe you another). In spite of this, I was also reviewing five other books at the time, so she took the opportunity to swipe the book from me. Thus began the great debate VR adult v/s child.

As the debate raged on it was obvious we had different options regarding the originality of the story line. Yes, I can see how to younger readers the story may seem original, but to the older reader or adults, not so much. It’s easy to feel out the subtle whispers of books and shows the author has enjoyed in his past. Whether he happen to occasionally read popular books such as Swoon, Vampire Academy, and others too many too name; or catch episodes of television shows such as Buffy, Angel, Supernatural and Dead Zone, there influences are dominate throughout.

We did manage to agree on a few things. First it was obvious the author had intentions on a series by splitting the novel up into two books before the big climax. (More $$money that way I suppose.) As readers we vote big fight climax then leave us hanging on another story line. Second, it fell somewhat flat. The characters seemed forced and considerably unrealistic. Third, not that I am perfect; (avid user of ABC spell/grammar check and benchmark and geese…do I need it!) I found several errors in spelling and plot changes.

No one is perfect least of all me; though I did enjoy the read and the debate with my daughter’s. I would suggest it for the Jr. High/ Middle School girls as my eighteen year old was just not that into it saying, “It’s poorly written, just right for the Bieber Fever kids.”