Silence - Becca Fitzpatrick 5 Angelic Stars!

I loved the book however; I was disappointed in the author’s lack of recall for her own series. It shocks me how Patch went from a man whose face was dark as a Spaniards in the prologue to hush, hush and now in book three (Silence), his skin tone magically lightened and now has that sun kissed look.Must be the same disease MJ suffered from when he went from black to white. Then again, she did describe Nora as a white woman and some bigots complained… who knows.

I was also confused as to Patch/ Jev standings. The first time I read the book I didn’t understand why it was Patch had no connection to the Archangels. After all it was not the Archangels who tore out his wings but the same group of nephilim who tore out the caged archangels wings. Then it hit me. The explanation lies not in book three but the end of book two where Patch goes rouge to be with Nora. The archangel must feel that Patch has fallen of his own free will.

Another tie in with book two is the ring. If you were wondering about the ring, you’re not alone; so was I. At the end of book two Patch gives Nora back her father’s ring… engraved with his given name Jev of all things. How is it that Nora never noticed?
Book three is definitely a book that needs to be read in order of sequence to get a better understanding of what is going on. However, with its subtle reminders one could grasp the meaning with little confusion.

In short, I am a Patch/ Nora/ Becca Fitzpatrick fan. Although I was disappointed with a few aspects it does not change the fact that I love all three books in the series and will be reading them again before the release of the next and final book. It is modern retailing of endless love that seem to hook every female reader with a whimsical imagination.

If you are reading….KEEP READING! If you have yet to check out the book or series MOVE IT TO THE TOP OF YOUR TO-READ LIST!

In the end you will not be disappointed !