Linger - Maggie Stiefvater Maggie has done it again! This was one of those books that I couldn't stop reading. I should have been working, or cooking dinner, or cleaning, but instead I was reading. I loved it. I don't see how I am possibly going to wait for the last installment of this trilogy. This is one of those series that you become so involved with the characters that you feel like you really connect and get all of them. I have read books where the characters are just there to facilitate the story, but here the story IS the characters. They are quirky, and lovably messed up in their own ways. This is up there on my list of favorite books of all time. I am going to read Shiver and Linger over and over again biding my time for “Forever”.
Linger delivered a fantastic follow-up to Shiver that left me drooling like a wolf. The beautiful, poetic writing I remembered in the first novel continued to warm my heart. Maggie's way with words are distinct and have the ability to move mountains. Grace and Sam's relationship blossomed and I enjoyed seeing their love come to light even more after the change. In my eyes, Sam will forever stay the sweetest character in YA. The way he carried himself through rough situations proved how much he loved Grace. If only all guys acted like Sam, all would be right in the world. But, then we would never have characters such as Cole, a newly infected wolf who was a complex rock star with demons. He was perceived as cocky and different from the others. At first, he was a mystery but once I started peeling back his layers I started to sympathize with him……
Question????? Is it me or is the writing between the lines implying that Sam and Grace are “sleeping” together and not just sleeping together?


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Recommended to Lissa by: Books 4 Review Club

Recommended for: Anyone who loves supernatural love stories with werewolf

Read again from December 01 to 31, 2011

I was fortunate enough to make the cut for reviewing this book for the Books 4 Review Club and in no way does, it affects my review…

When my reading club moderators announced that we would be reading The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series, I was ecstatic. I had always wanted to share the story with my daughter and luckily she was now eleven and we could share the story together. If you read my review of Shiver the first book in the series, you would understand what a hurdle it was for us for us to finish the book in as little as five days.

Linger, the second installment of the Wolves of Mercy Falls series, and to put it simply; it was amazing! Macy and I found ourselves eager to jump into the second book and seeing what happens between Grace and Sam. It has been a while since I had originally read Linger. After reading Shiver with my daughter and taking so much time to explain the storyline to her… we had no choice but to continue the series and what and awesome series it is. The thing I really loved about Linger was that not only do you get Sam and Grace's point-of-views but also Isabelle and Cole's. They each have their own little side stories that really add to the mix. There characters were overwhelmingly screwed up and extremely attention grabbing.

I think together we enjoyed this book more than the first. Sam and Grace Relationship were growing stronger and more intimate. Many things are happening in the story line with Isabelle and Cole characters and it adds fullness to the story.

Speaking of Cole, at first Macy and I did not like his character at all. He was excessively selfish and annoying beyond compare. In the end, he managed to charm his way into our hearts and truly grew on us. I personal was glad to see the all the male roles grow and develop into some amazingly strong men. Sam as usual, was pitching perfect. However, what I enjoyed most was learning more about Cole’s cold dark and distant past.

The story line really expands in this book and tension get very intense in Linger. We spend most of our time on the edge of our seats begging to read faster. Sam and Grace’s love grows to a point of almost pure desperation. Throughout the read Sam, Grace, and Isabelle have their own battles as well as dealing with discovered secrets, murder, the new wolf Cole and responsible for their own actions.

I was glad to see the age rating raised from Shiver’s 12 and up to 14 and up for Linger’s story. Although my daughter better understood the story I still would not allow her to read it on her own, nor in the company of her ill informed friend. It does bring up questions that parents can use as a lifeline to open communications with their children.