Nordic Fairies (Nordic Fairies, #1) - Saga Berg Part of 2013 Challenges: TBR Pile and Self-Published

Lil' Lass Muses

This is one book where you will get a full does of two different views, sort of anyway. Yes, it is a pretty quick read. But where Big Lass Lissa says it's missing components I say it has just enough to grab you and leave you with a breathless giddy squeal dying to know what happens next. I will agree that the $2.99 price tag per episode is a bit steep for such a short book. It can't even be classified as a novella. Sure hope the loan option is open for this series because I know my mom will not pay such a high price in today's market.

Big Lass Reviews

I can read anything from a quick read to and full length seems never to end novel. The story has t do a do a few things such as grab and hold my attention. It’s also important to have other components such as have a beginning, middle and end. Well the ending doesn’t need to be tied up in a neat package as long as some story lines are resolved and the book is left on a cliff keeping me waiting for the story to continue.

That is why when my copy of “Nordic Fairies” that was provided to me directly from Saga Burg abruptly ended mid-chapter I contacted her immediately.

Her response was what shocked me! My copy was not lacking the rest of the book. She had opted to market the book like a television series— give you just a little to draw you in then leave you hanging mid- chapter/thought for three months. Then she shocks you with a price tag of $2.99 for the next few chapters. Where as you can guess she will leave you hanging for another two to three months where you will have to pay another $2.99 to continue the story.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the way she is marketing the book is pure genius. It’s the fact she choose to end the story with including a middle or end. It left me frustrated and uninterested in continuing the…. Whatever burg will call this ploy to have naïve readers wind up paying and excessive amount of money for one book.

It has nothing to do with the length of Burgs story. I have enjoyed other shorts such as Claimed, One last Bite, Single-handed and Beginnings just to name a few. It has to do with substance ….

Burg begins the story by filling the reader in on most if not all that pertained to the stories background. Just as she moves into the main storyline and starts filling it out… bam… she abruptly ends it. The story has a beginning but, no middle or end. However, it is engaging enough to draw in even the most reluctant reader. It’s not long enough to lose them yet it will peek their curiosity to continue and spark interest to continue.

As for me; I will not continue the… whatever this is until Burg is finished with her marketing gimmick and sell the book in its entirety.