Blood Witch (Sweep, No. 3) - Cate Tiernan The great thing about this series is that the books are so short & the author makes the most of those pages. The story is neither rushed nor horribly drawn out- something that many series tend to fall victim to.
This particular book picks up where the last volume left off, with Morgan discovering her deceased mother's book of shadows in Selene's hidden library. Luckily Morgan is able to leave with the book, but is ultimately unable to truly answer all of her questions... and she's left with far more than she started off with. Add onto this that Hunter is a menace to her relationship with Cal & you have one fully confused witch.
This series is very suspenseful especially this book I love the way there is a little truth mixed into the fiction. I mean this book seems fantasy to everyone, but some people really do live a magical life! I loved this book and i recommend the series to anyone drawn to magic