The Calling - Cate Tiernan Cate Tiernan's done it again. She has woven thoughts, emotions, and storylines, into a very perplexing, fluid, and intense piece that makes the magic within this book seem almost tangible. CT is an amazing talent at writing. In this book Morgan has a dream of animals and a young wolf cub being sacrificed before many different animals. When the Council decides that this could be a potential vision of the future, they send Hunter to New York to investigate a mysterious sect of dark witches. Tagging along for the ride is Morgan & her friends. Morgan is going partially because she doesn't want to be separated from Hunter & because her mother's Book of Shadows details her life in New York. Morgan is hungry to discover more about the mother she never knew. Once there, Morgan finds out that not only is she in danger of misusing her powers but also finds that she may be attracting the wrong type of attention. I was upset that Hunter was so into his work and not into Morgan. I felt like Morgan was acting so weak in the story; that she needed to woman up. Stop being so damned dependent. However, by the end of the book, I was extremely pleased the direction we were now heading. I loved all the things we learned about Morgan's origins and that she finally tapped into her inner strength by the end.