Seeker (Sweep, No. 10) - Cate Tiernan I have to say that I really enjoyed this installment in the "Sweep" series. It was refreshing to hear the story from another character's point of view, aside from in various Books of Shadows entries. You may think that Hunter is all business, but he is not. All work and no play. Well, I thought he was dull until I read this book. He is like any other guy. He really cares about Morgan, and is not in love with his job. He thinks about things that I thought didn't even come across his mind. In this book he goes to Canada, and meets his father. In all his wildest imaginations he didn’t even consider what his dad had become. I kind of knew what his dad was doing because it was so obvious. After reading this book, I have gained respect for Hunter and try more to relate to what he is going through. You just have to read this book to understand him.