Early to Death, Early to Rise - Kim Harrison Kim Harrison returns to the young adult genre with the second entry into her Madison Avery series. Even better than the first, Early to Death, Early to Rise grows the luscious and exciting world Harrison created and builds more wonderful characters that readers love to cheer for.
Madison is officially the new Dark Timekeeper. This second book is better than the first one. The first book was harder to follow because of the intricate world-building, but now it was laid out, this second book allows you to follow the story of Madison as she attempts to balance her Timekeeper duties with her life. The large casts of characters are interesting, and the book length is fine, as the plot is laid out well. It has less action than in the first book, but more character.
Though the story is simple, far too short and only involves one reap, it's packed with well-drawn character development and a wonderful and fun world that's easy for the reader to get involved in. While I was surprised to see that this story was so simple (compared to Harrison's popular Rachel Morgan series), and was a little bored at points at the lack of unpredictability, as the story reaches the climax, it becomes so compelling that I couldn't put the book down. The ending was particularly well-done and left me hungry for the next book.

If you enjoy simple, easy stories with great characters and a well-created world, than it is the ideal summer read for you. The only reason it didn't get five stars was because I believe it was too short, in hardcover, and needed more storyline. The plot was fantastic, but simple. Madison didn't even learn any new skills or train with Barnabas. There also wasn't that much action. I love how the story unfolds and where the plot is going though and that makes it a worthy read. It was light on action, but thick in characters