Love Bites - Ellen Schreiber I am an adult and I love this series. I can't wait till book eight is due out. Ellen Schreiber's popular Vampire Kisses series is a mild-mannered vampire fantasy novel, focusing more on the intense and romantic relationship between Alexander and Raven, with little in the way of sex or violence. Since the vampires in the story do nothing more gruesome than discreetly lick a drop or two of blood from a loved one's wound, they appear not to be particularly different from human boyfriends, albeit ones in possession of supernatural good looks. Similarly, Alexander and Raven spend much of their time pining for each other; the physical relationship depicted between them is limited to kisses and cuddles. This makes LOVE BITES very appropriate for young teens and those who are looking for a supernatural fantasy focused more on teen romance and less on gore. The book, told from Raven's point of view, has a casual, chatty and confessional tone to it, although there is not much here in the way of plot tension or complexity because Raven and Alexander hanging out in his families mansion with not much to do except, look hot, and wait for the moment Alexander will change her so they can be together forever. Until Sebastian, Alex's childhood friend shows up looking hot and threatening to oust Alexander and bite Raven's best friend who he has crushed on. The book was extremely short, perhaps the shortest in the series. I understand that VK serves the purpose of being a simple, short and fun story, but what begun as potential to grow into a great pre-teen series that is slowly falling apart