The Initiation (The Secret Circle, Vol. 1) (No. 1) - L. J. Smith The story begins on beautiful Cape Cod, with seventeen-year-old Cassie bored to death by the self-absorbed musings of local know-it-all Portia. Though Cassie feels very insecure in the presence of this girl, she is comforted by the fact that she and her mother will be returning to their home in California in a couple of weeks. As Cassie is reveling in these thoughts, a strange young man wonders onto the beach and a perceptible tension fills the air. Though the natives react so strongly to the arrival of this newcomer, Cassie sees nothing abnormal in his appearance or demeanor. But when she meets his eyes, she is startled by the intense notion that she is somehow connected to him. A group of men is chasing this young man at gun point, and he asks Cassie to divert their attention so that he can escape. She succeeds in saving him, and he rewards her with a beautiful piece of stone; promising her that as long as the stone is in her possession, he will be able to find her. They share a kiss, and in just a matter of 25 or so pages, our heroine has met The One. However Cassie's mother informs her that instead of returning to California as planned, they will be moving with her grandmother to New Salem, Massachusetts. Cassie is quickly enrolled in the local high school, and from there, her nightmare begins. Though Cassie is proud to find the place where she belongs, her troubles are far from over. Not only does she become a pawn in Faye's wicked intentions for the coven, but she must deal with her love for the boy she met back on Cape Cod while preserving her friendship with Diana. Also, when several brutal deaths occur in the town, the circle must determine whether the culprit is some unknown dark force...or one of their own.