Night's Child (Sweep, No. 15) - Cate Tiernan Nights Child
I think that CT did a wonderful job making all of us feel suspense in this series. Cate Tiernan is incredibly talented to write such a good series. In the books so far we've seen Morgan delight in her powers. She's discovered both the great and horrible things that can be done with powers. She's been horribly betrayed by someone she loved and she's discovered a great new love that should last her throughout her entire life. She's lost friends and regained them. The Sweep series is all about figuring out who you are and accepting it. How to choose being a good person over the bad things that tempt us in life… The right path is not always the easy path. I think that all of you devoted readers out there will definitely be happy with this new addition to the Sweep series.
Now having said that prepare yourself to read the rest…I have been a die hard fan of the Sweep Series since I read the first book. As much as I love Sweep Series, I have to say that this final book was very disappointing. The book felt forced and unrealistic. It was hard to get into the story because Morgan just didn’t feel like the Morgan you get so close to in the rest of the series. Yes she has aged as we all do. Yet it seems without Hunter, the story seems empty. I almost regret reading this book because it ruined the essence of the sweep series. I would still recommend reading the book, but just be prepared for a major let down