Origins (Sweep, No. 11) - Cate Tiernan Origins
This entry into the series goes back to the origins of the dark wave. Hunter has returned from his trip to see his father & he's returned with the diary of Rose the witch who created the dark wave. From her humble beginnings as a witch attempting to hide from the mass hysteria of the Salem witch trials to her inevitable fall into darkness, the book chronicles her decent into evil. I was quite surprised as I read. The book unveils both innocence and guilt alike, from Rose's perspective. It is one of the most beautifully and potently crafted books of this series I've read yet. It was an intense, heart-wrenching tale of Morgan's ancestor living through the Burning Times, hiding to ensure the survival or her clan as well as herself, coping with clan rivalry and bigotry, the pains of love, heartbreak, and betrayal